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Spent the morning and early afternoon out hiking/wandering around in the snow and shot some five rolls of 120 FP4 Plus (as well as a roll of TMax 100 of unknown vintage found this am in my camera bag) with the Blad. Finished the off the day (sun was close to setting around 4 pm) shooting a sleigh ride with a part roll of PanF Plus loaded in my F4e and, later, two rolls of Tri-X (with the same) of a pick-up hockey game on a "rink" created at Pyramid Lake, up behind the town site. All-in-all, not a bad effort. Tomorrow, out come the snowshoes as a group of us trek the Pyramid Bench network in the morning; later in the day it's down the Icefields Parkway. Most likely, FP4 Plus for the Blad, and some E100G for either the F4e or the F2AS...
Holy crap! I shot three 4x5 sheets of TMY-2 and two 4x5 sheets of Porta400 and I thought I was shooting too much!

You just blew through what I shoot in a quarter of a year in just one day!