I just held the Coldtone up against the Galerie and it is only SLIGHTLY shinier. Don't let that sway your decision. Nothing compares to Galerie, however, and I would never give that up or the Slavich for it's cold matte finish. I am haplessly hanging on the the last of the graded papers. I always tone it in KRST 1+4 2m. Haven't tried the SE6 but as soon as I get more paper I'm going to run it through the MT7 for the blue. I'm sure I'll get a different blue but pair that up with ultra black of Edwal it may end up similar. I don't use the MGlV so I can't make a comparison.

Chris - Most of my stuff is soft focus but I think your street stuff (sharp focus) will lend itself really well to this paper. I know you'll produce some stunning prints with it based on what I've seen of your work.

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You can get Unibrom from here: http://www.laserreflections.com/Unibrom.html

She orders it a few times a year and you just have to let her know ahead of time and be patient. Really good customer service.
Bookmarked. Thanks, pstake. I have a frig full of the #2 just for my sci-fi project but if I should ever run out I'll have a source now. Appreciate it!

And, yes, Michael please keep us posted. I can't wait for the results to start pouring in..... off to stuff the Christmas goose.

CHEERS everyone!