I hope I'm not too late with my comment and you still have the GOOSE (600SE ).

As you said this is a monster, huge, nice like a brick but makes beutiful photos either on FP-100c and the discontinued FP-3000B (shame on Fuji) or 6x9 film. I have only the 127mm and 75mm lenses, but I'm not crying for the 150mm because its angle of view is just a bit narrower than that of the 127mm. I'm mostly using large format cameras and I dare to say that Polaroid's Mamiya lenses are very close in quality to Rodenstock and Scheiner lenses of the large format. Of course the camera misses the feaures of a large format one (perspective correction), but with those features it would be even more clumsy.

On the other hand the Polaroid feeling is that grasped me in the digital times. If you shoot a photo on instant film that shows your capability as photographer. You can't manipulate the picture in Photoshop. All it's goods and bads are on the picture (over or under exposure, composition, filtering, etc). As a matter of fact when I first took the camera to a party people were smiling at it but when they saw the pictures they were amazed with the colours and the feeling that those pictures were ready in minutes. To tell the truth both Japanese instant films are perfect.

Today this camera is only for enthusiasts because few people would take the inconveniences it causes with its size and weight, and last but not least you have to be familiar with the light metering because it doesn't have any electronic circuits built in and you have to adjust everything manually (don't forget the dark slide before taking a photo!)

So, I like the camera and take with me whenever I can and by now I have numbers of classic photo albums with instant pictures sticked in it.