For your Classic Photographic Materials Collection display...

Cans of developers, unopened, some from the '50's, some with .69 labels still on them...
Classic hobby developing tanks and accessories...

Bundle #1:
3 Kodacraft roll film tanks, including 35mm & 120 size aprons.
A classic Eastman Kodak 4-oz graduate, a Kodak floating thermometer & 6 film clips.
Everything, in a medium USPS flat rate shipping carton:$35

Bundle #2:
All 13 developers shown, in a large USPS flat rate shipping carton: $25
Bundle #3:
Choose 5 cans (first choice, your choice), in a medium USAPS flat rate carton: $15
Bundle #4:
The leftover developers, in a medium USPS flat rate carton:$10

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