I never paid much attention to the "CE" aspect of VCCE anyway. Too many variables. I just do things by eye. But what I'm wondering more about is contrast. So the next step for me is to do a full set of curves with the VCCE settings and Ilford MG gel filters so that I can see what the deal is. The initial testing I've been doing so far has been more about the colour of the new paper and response to Selenium vs MGIV. And I sort of ran into the contrast question by accident while I was doing that: To make the swatches conveniently span half of a 21 step wedge (like the ones I sent you) I set the VC head to 1 and started doing test strips with MGIV and MG Classic. Now, as I said I haven't done all the tests with the MG filters or VC settings yet so take this with a grain of salt, but with the VC head set to 1 it seemed like MG Classic either needed more exposure and/or was less contrasty (one or the other or some combination of both) than MGIV. Either of those would be the opposite of what is in Ilford's technical pubs. MG Classic should be both faster and slightly more contrasty at grade 1 (using an Ilford #1 filter). Obviously filtration grades on a VC head don't line up exactly with MG filters in any case, but there could be significant changes here. The new paper has more evenly spaced contrast grades with MG contrast filters, so perhaps that's what's throwing me off.

As far as selenium toning goes, indeed the new paper exhibits a greater change in colour than MGIV. Not so much with high dilutions, but at 1+10 or stronger it is significant.