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I've been rather frustrated with my MF work lately. The last three rolls have been less than stellar. Well, today I picked up a roll of Velvia 50 I shot of my 15 month old daughter who had gotten in the sandbox and found the bucket of water her older brother left. I used the last four shots on a lavender bush in full bloom.

I have two keepers of the baby and another two of the lavender. Man, I love the saturation of this film and once I remembered to shoot faster settings with my kids I got better results. My wife is really happy with the four and that means less groaning and eye rolling when I put film in the fridge
Hi, I too use Fuji Velvia MF film with my Mamiya system, and the colour saturation ,contrast, and purity blows my sox off, but for people shots I use Fuji Astia it produces better skin tones isn't as contrasty, and hasn't got so high a colour saturation, try it sometime.