Last summer (that would be a few months ago here in the northern hemisphere) I finally sprung for a 10-sheet box of 11x14 MGIV for those few pictures of mine that are worth printing bigger, and now they've discontinued the stuff. I'm switching completely to Adox MCC110 so will never use this. The box is still sealed and has been cool-stored - my house has central AC for the hot days, and the last few months it's rarely been above 60 in the darkroom unless I turn on the heater. B&H still show this available at $22.50 per box plus shipping. Does anyone need it at $15 plus shipping? Or make me an offer, maybe I'll take it.

Ideally it would be someone local to me (North Reading, MA, about 15 miles north of Boston) so we could meet for a handoff and avoid shipping at all. Otherwise US-only, it's just not worth the cost of international shipping.