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Wow, that would take a lot of paint!

I painted just the backyard fence, and that was plenty for me...
Why didn't you just take a picture of it?

On occasion I like to have an exquisite meal at an expensive restaurant, but often am fine with merely a "good" restaurant.
I enjoy Bob Ross' show, and thought he was good, though never considered him in the league of the "fine art" painters. That is not a bad thing, either. Also, I'm quite sure I could not come close to his results. If I were to take up painting, I think his examples would be very good to start with.

The only way I will ever take pictures even close to some I see posted on APUG is by accident. I take snapshots - basically memories. I am learning to frame and compose better, but still, they are not awesome photos, and have no intention to be.
Also, I'm not about to sit down with someone to learn how to make photos and prints as good as those by what we here consider the "masters." That is not what I'm in it for - I just want to make "good" prints, not "great artistic" prints.

Thus, I don't think there is anything wrong with Ross' paintings. What he did was good, and showed people how to make nice paintings. If someone followed his instruction and really became serious about painting, they'd certainly pursue further technique.

When a parent finds I play guitar, and wants suggestions on what to get their child/teen who wants to learn, I ask if they want the kid to stick with it or not? It's a rhetorical question. They often feel an acoustic guitar would be a better learning tool - and in many ways it can be (and it is far less annoying). However, if the kid wants to learn rock, and they give him an acoustic guitar and country or classical lessons, he may not stick with it. I started with electric, learning KISS, Judas Priest, Metallica, etc. If I started any other way, I would have lost interest. I now play classical guitar and take lessons from a college professor, and I can even read music (poorly). I still play the electric, too. (I'm not saying one is inferior, just making an example based on what many people feel is better.)