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I enjoy Bob Ross' show, and thought he was good, though never considered him in the league of the "fine art" painters.
I have seen much worse being shown by prestigious London galleries - but that is just my opinion.

Who are we to say that Bob Ross paintings are any worse (or better) than those of another artist?

All we can really do is express our preferences.

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When a parent finds I play guitar, and wants suggestions on what to get their child/teen who wants to learn, I ask if they want the kid to stick with it or not? It's a rhetorical question. They often feel an acoustic guitar would be a better learning tool - and in many ways it can be (and it is far less annoying). However, if the kid wants to learn rock, and they give him an acoustic guitar and country or classical lessons, he may not stick with it. I started with electric, learning KISS, Judas Priest, Metallica, etc. If I started any other way, I would have lost interest.
I agree with this totally. I also started with electric because I wanted to play like a couple of friends at school. I got some bits of old, cheap electric guitars and built a (barely) playable guitar for myself. I was not interested in the acoustic at the time, in fact, there had been acoustic guitars in the house for many years which I had ignored up to that point.