I apologize for taking so long to comment on the postcards I have received. I had cataract surgery on December 18--it was amazing how quickly it came on. Also very scary, what with photography being my artistic outlet. I will do better in the future, now that I can see again.

1. Jake Williams—“a moment observed”—wonderful picture, Jake. Reminds me of sitting with my father while we were getting ready to fish.
2. George Richards—“snowman”—interesting found moment, George, and my wife was really surprised by the Kodak format for the printing. How do you actually do the contact printing-do you make the contact and then expose the pictures separately, or do you expose the picture through the mass?
3. Marco— “sea spray”— I hope you weren’t so close you got sprayed yourself I like the picture I like the sharpness of the capture of the spray, and I like the tonal variation across the picture.
4. Ryan— “Trout Brook Club”— I really like this picture it provokes the thought of you having to open the door to get into the Trout fishing area— it’s not every park that you enter through a wooden door.
5. Steel bar— “the Olga store”— thank you for the nostalgic look at Orcas Island. I have become conscious in the last few years of what a poor student of history I was. Now I’m finding that things are disappearing faster than they ever came about, and I can’t keep up. I guess the same thing could be said about film photography, but I hope not.
6. Mark S— “locomotive detail”— wonderful photo. Your reference to the Niles Canyon Railway caused me to look it up on the Internet. When I got there I found a photo of what looks like the same engine with horns from a 14 point buck mounted on the front of the engine above the light and it looks like it says Quincy Railroad. I couldn’t tell if it was someone’s picture of a engine from somewhere else, or if it was part of the railway. If not, what a coincidence!
7. Dennis (rince)— ‘Beauty’-- I agree with you about beauty in detail, but I have not tried it with my 4 x 5 yet. So much to do, so little time. Work keeps getting in the way. What was the film?
8. Dennis— “Kleb Garden”-- your postcard said Rose Hill, Texas but when I look up Kleb Garden on the Internet, it says it’s in Tomball, Texas. What interesting names we encounter in our travels and postcard exchanges. Thanks for the image.
9. Jim O— “Washington and Jefferson”— interesting approach to the memorials. I have never tried toning, myself. There’s not a lot of contrast in the image even with the clouds is a saw result of toning? Judging from the sky you had a glorious day.
10. Katrin— “Mann Mitt Hut”— another very unique photo. Wonderful tonal range, wonderfully sharp, I really like all the textures. You didn’t mention what kind of paper this is, or film? Thanks for a wonderful image.
11. Matt King— “Roots”— what an interesting find! To tell the truth, my overactive imagination caused me to look in the image for a hobbit hole … I’m sure there’s one there! Naturally, I looked it up on the Internet, and after finding there was a watershed Park in Olympia, WA, I figured out your Watershed Park is near Vancouver, Canada-- both areas I love to visit. Thanks for sharing.