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I LOVE the negatives the Pyrocat HD can produce, but have a few standing issues.

1) Film speed - I seem to loose between 1/3 - 2/3 stops (depends on the film). OK, this is a minor point

2) Uneaven development. Often when developing 120 films in a Jobo tank I would get streaks running across the film (or along the axis of the drum) on a few frames (not all !) - even with agitation every minute. Scanning works great indeed, but if one needs stronger adjustments to contrast in PP (that forbidden digital part) - the uneven development really starts to show.

I am wondering whether my problem No. 2 is because the Pyrocat HD (in Glycol) I have is around 7 years old (yeah, I still did not finis those 0.5l bottles). I use it in 1:1:100 dilution and should definitely have enough developer for the film area.

I never get the above problems with Xtol.
I get better films speed with Pyrocat HD than with Xtol or ID-11/D76 (to achieve a similar tonal range. I shoot HP5 & Delta 100/400 at box speed.

I process in a Jobo tank mostly 5x4 sheet film but also some 120 as well with no issuesbut mine's an inversion tank.