Watching this with interest, I also use a Sverdlovsk and I don't quite like the way it handles. I have a spot meter for tripod-based landscape photography already so the viewfinder on the sverdlovsk isn't really convenient. What I need is a compact, "palmable" light meter for reflective and incident, small enough to put in your pocket, preferably cheap as well. I've been looking at the L-208 as well as the Gossen Digisix/Digiflash (with a Digiflash I could sell my current Prolinca PFM flash meter, which is a bit limited...).

As for metering without a viewfinder, you simply have to get a feel for the measuring angle of the meter and then point it in the general direction of your subject. Depeding on lighting conditions (as well as the meter itself and the subject) you might want to tilt it down a little to avoid getting too much of the sky "in view", as that would underexpose your scene.