The 208 is a nice small meter, but I've heard of problems over time regarding the durability. If you're rough w/ equipment it may not be the best, but I have no personal experience on this. What I use are a Sekonic L 188 for nearly everything that requires a hand held meter that's not in real low light. It's tiny, amazingly simple and easy to read, and very light. About 30 bucks or less.

For more critical low light situations I use a bigger, but still manageable (about the size of a pack of smokes) Gossen SBC Super Pilot which has a silicon cell and offers very accurate metering in low light. There seems to be several different versions of the SBC Super Pilot, but here's one that's exactly like mine. It's very rugged, super accurate, easy to read, and has a bridge circuit so it can take 1.35V or 1.5V batteries.