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Just thought I'd bump this. Has anyone made any firm plans to party... I mean meet to discuss this show? We have a lot of time, so I figure, it'd be useful to think about what types of images we might think about making. The Red Rose sounds great, and there are plenty of places in and around Belmont, too!
Thanks for the bump, Suzanne! No, I seem to have dropped the ball on this lately. I will get a PM to you soon and try to get some meeting stuff worked out. Gene has been sending his offers of shooting times, you've been wanting to get together for the show, Bill Hahn has been offering coffee and good conversation... I've been a stick in the mud.

Ah! But it is not too late! I can save myself from this virtual life and actually get out there to talk to people! MAYBE EVEN SHOOT SOME FILM!!!

Sorry, got carried away there. Let's do this soon. New England APUG'ers, let's get together.

Whitey, the woefully disorganized one.