This one has the:
"Century Synchromatic Made by Wollensak For Graflex.Inc"
"Graflex Graftar f/4.5 103mm"
and the RH10 back, frame 58 x 67.7 mm and aspect ratio 1:1.7

The left hand bearing for the focus adjustment was too loose.
This was corrected (temporarily maybe) by inserting a "slipper" cut from Fuji film.
The right side has an adjustor; after adjustment and a drop of oil both focus knurls are now quite good.

The shutter was measured: [ millisec] on an oscilloscope with a phototransistor
{Speed, Ideal, Measured}
{10, 100, 95}
{25, 40, 40}
{50, 20, 25}
{100, 10, 15}
{200, 5, 5}

So the shutter is in good shape.
Furthermore, the shutter is the "press' type which does not need a dark slide and is self cocking.

The only way I can see to use the rise and tilt, is to drop the bed to the tilted down position.
I did that and adjusted the stops for infinity on the gg, when the scale indicator was on infinity.
The front standard is locked on to the tilted rack.
But that has restricted the minimum focus distance to about 10 foot (3m).
The reason is that, on racking out, the horizontal section of the rack collides with the front standard base, as it moves downwards.

The axis of the lens was set to the centre of the film frame, then the lens was tilted down slightly, approx 1 ~ 2 degrees.

The view finder and range finder are both accessible by the left eye only;
that is my weak eye and I used the other eye for last XX years ,
so is a bit uncomfortable.

When I set the camera up as above, unfortunately it will not fold up until the front standard settings are loosened.
However I still look forward to using it as a travel camera.

here is a test shot on Kodak Ektar 100 at f/11 and 1/200th
It looks to me like the lens is a very good one and the photo is limited by my digitization.
Any comments about this camera will be appreciated.