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That's what it is! I saw one of these in a country antiques store (Dunolly, Victoria), battered, worn, faded and having seen much service, origin unknown and with a name that was unreasable but looked Cyrillic to me (having seen this post, it is a Russian job). I would suggest now diversifying in equipment and skills and upgrading to a spot/incident/reflective meter. The amount you would need to learn, to understand, would be considerable initially, but with experience you will be turning out exposures that are bang-on perfect, with no loss of detail or muggy shadows but you have to learn how to do this.
I got mine off of ebay, needed one that was cheap and had measurements for movie cameras and this one came up. It's alright, though my main problem with it now is that it's very difficult to get a reading in the bright light. Not because it's insensitive, but because you can't see the LED that tells you to stop turning the wheel. I do large format photography as well, and for that I use a Pentax V spot meter.