"le roziel", jake williams/black dog - nice print, great impact, raises a nice question - warm feeling

"bald river falls", bs - wonderfaul waterfall scene - classic and well done

"snowman", george richards/george nova scotia - right in season! a liottle long in the tooth tho'?!

"taipei nights", eugene anikin/anikin - thank god i ate dinner, i woulda' spent some nt$ were i there! delicious!

"beauty", dennis/rince, yup DOF! and can look right in and admire nature.

"cyanotype", mark_s/mark sauerwald - wow , a cyanotype, impressive and i'm very jealous!

"krishna", darwin/drpsilver, great technique, and thoughtful! what a photograph should be!

"morris dancers in flight", steve brown/box brownie, interesting story, intriguing...

"locked", matt king - detail, texture, and interest.

"trout broo", ryan/kc2edh - historic record and interesting with drama...

"mann mit hut", katiz - great photgraph - and can see where it would lead to a book!

great group of psotcards this round... thank you! happy new year.