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The drop-front is designed for use with very wide angle lenses, not for general purpose movements and that's why you're getting kind of stuck in place with a normal focal length. It moves the front bed out of the field of view when the WA lens is normally racked inside the body because of the very short flange distances.

Rise and tilt are fairly limited, these aren't full field cameras but evolved to be hand holdable instead. Under the lever that locks the front standard in place you'll see a metal spring sticking out underneath (about as wide as your thumb); press that down and you can also do a few mm side-to-side travel too.

You can also get 120 backs for 6x6 and 6x9, whatever suits your style. And a ground glass sprung back if you want to get precise and want to use 2x3 sheet film (if you can find holders and feel like cutting your own film down).

And, of course, different lenses. Note that the Kalart rangefinder only works on one lens that it is calibrated for, swapping in a new focal length means having to focus on ground glass or estimate and use hyperfocal distances. Recalibrating the rangefinder is persnickety and not something done often, or at all and just left to match the main lens.

I like mine a lot. Enjoy