Hey, there, meandering marsupial. Did you get a focusing panel with the camera? If not it is useless with anything but the lens on it if the RF is calibrated properly for the lens. If you don't have one you can improvise a substitute from a 2x3 Film Pack Adapter and a piece of ground glass. If you do this you'll need to shim the GG back a film pack's front's thickness to make it coincide with the roll holder's film plane. If you need the measurement, I have a 2x3 film pack and can measure for you.

Dire warning: always retract the bed fully before trying to drop the bed, bring it back to the raised position, or, especially, close the front door. If you don't do any of these things you risk bending the links that connect the inner (in the box) and outer (on the front door) bed rails.

The Graftar is a triplet. Believe it or not, in my tests it is the best standard-issue normal lens for 2x3 Graphics.

IMO 2x3 Graphics' only generally useful movement is 19 mm of front rise. The standard issue normal lenses (also the standard issue w/a and 8" telephoto) don't have enough coverage for full rise.

Good luck, have fun.