Another vote for the L-208. It's small, accurate and I haven't had any problems with reliability. I use it in both reflected and incident modes. It's easy to keep in your pocket and I haven't had to change the battery in over 2 years. Especially when I'm shooting with Leicas or other small meterless cameras it's very easy to use to occasionally adjust/confirm my settings based on the lighting conditions. For a shoe-mount meter I also use the VCII meter, but if I'm shooting with wider/longer lenses that need an external VF, I use the L-208. For medium format with a tripod, or low light situations I have a Gossen Luna-Pro which meters down to EV -1. It's obviously a lot bigger and heavier than the Sekonic, but is very sensitive and has a wide metering range. If you shoot different formats and for varying situations, you may find that not just one meter will suit all your needs.