Man, you're brave! I've shot a few weddings on 35mm and medium format film and I was a nervous wreck until I got the film back to confirm I hadn't screwed-up the important shots. I still have nightmares about it as my best friend asked me to shoot his wedding and be the photographer at the same time.

I'm 99% analog, but if I was shooting any more weddings I would just use digital, with maybe some medium format for the formal portrait and posed group shots. The lighting can vary a lot in churches and reception halls, and you need to know how to use your flash to get good results. I don't envy anyone shooting weddings, and I applaud those who do it well. There is a LOT of competition these days. That way you just need 2 digital bodies with a few lenses, and you're covered.

I'm sure there are others with much more experience that I who will chime in with useful suggestions, but to me the primary goal is to give the client quality images when you (the photographer) are under a lot of pressure and trying to elbow Uncle Bob out of the way when you just need to get your shots at the critical moments.