I don't know if they are widely available elsewhere in the world, but I still have my Weston Euromaster selenium cell meter. It has a large (approx 2 sq inches +) of selenium cell and a clip on invercone. Whilst it may not be as sensitive as some of the later battery powered meters is is very, very accurate. They have 2 levels of light acceptance, and on very bright light there is a baffle that can be swung down infront of the cell and the scale changes automatically

They are still fully serviceable and if it does go belly up, (unlikely) new cells are still available. The model before that was the Weston V which is just as good but has a more cluttered dial but has a zone table on the dial ready to use.

I have had mine for close on 20 years now and is as good as the day I bought it, second hand even then. Spend no more than $50-$70 or the Pounds equivalent. I rarely use it now but wouldn't part with it for twice that amount.

I have a friend who uses a Weston 111 which must be 60 or more years old and after 2 cleanings and services is is still working well so their reliability go without saying.

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