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So I'm looking to buy a new light meter. Currently I use an old Soviet Sverdlosk 4 meter, which is actually fairly accurate, but it's got a few faults. One being that the only options for its batteries are motherboard batteries or a AA adapter that doubles its size. think an upgrade might be due. I'm a big fan analog light meters, so I would like to get one in a that style. I'm currently looking at the Sekonic L-208, which has the added feature of being able to be shoe mounted. Is this a good meter, or are there others that I should be looking at. Also, I noticed that the L-208 does not have a viewfinder, so what is a good strategy for metering with it?
Pentax Spotmeter V can be had for little money if not mint. Transforms your metering, making Zone system very simple. I love mine.