Hello everyone!

I've lurked on apug many times when I was learning about C-41 development. Thought it was about time to join.

I enjoy all things film, and generally shoot with an ME Super or MX and all kinds of Takumar lenses, as well as my Bronica ETRS. I got back into film after a couple ruined digital cameras while out climbing and canyoneering, and the difficulty of dealing with batteries while backpacking on longer trips. I feel in love with the natural colors I got, and found that Provia gave me exactly the colors I wanted if I was careful with filters vs. hours of fiddling with PS to get good colors with my digital captures. I jumped ship entirely on DSLR's a few months ago, trading my backup camera for a Bronica ETRS rig. Since switching, I've been doing plenty of my own developing and printing, FP4+, Delta 400, and Foma 100 being my staples. Printing B&W is a blast, and have upgraded from an old Omega B2 that I was borrowing from my family to a very portable Durst F30 that goes everywhere with me, as well as an almost brand new LPL 670 DXL that I got for basically pennies.

I'm about to jump ship entirely on a hybrid color workflow, too, and will either be shooting more slide film and finding a better lab for printing them, or learning the RA4 process myself (chemicals and paper are surprisingly very cheap in comparison to B&W materials!)

About the non-photography side of me... Well, I run a small engineering project management and consulting company, and move/travel all over. I enjoy rock climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, backpacking.... just about everything outdoors. No matter what I'm doing, I usually have a camera and a few lenses with me. I work on the computer all day, and find it tedious, so I like to spend as much time as I can doing things active, and/or with my hands.