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If Kodak makes film , where are they. All Kodak Express labs sells Fuji film here. I think if they put 3 rolls of Kodak film in to their display , they dont banktrupt. All photograph related sellers are losers and find a digital camera , cracked photoshop and 25 year old print machine and 5th party chemical products are profitable at wedding thing. Its a business like selling potato at grocery , not more.
My local Walgreen's drug store used to carry Kodak film, and then it became scarce. The rare occasion they had it, they'd put it directly on the "close-out" rack at half price
I know it wasn't a supply issue. Now the drug store carries Fuji, and it's on the regular rack at full price They still carry single-use Kodak (and Fuji) cameras.

I cannot be sure, but I think many stores were worried about the Kodak bankruptcy filing, and switched to Fuji so they could still carry film. I'm just guessing. It is also possible Fuji offered a better wholesale contract, or that while Kodak supplies existed, the ability to process or distribute that supply faltered.

Addressing your grocery store analogy, we have a large chain of grocery stores called Giant Eagle. For nearly 10 years, some of our favorite items have been "discontinued." We found, however, only Giant Eagle discontinued them - we can still find the items everywhere else. Apparently the grocery store would rather maximize profits than offer a choice. My solution - I rarely shop there anymore. My business goes everywhere else.