Thanks everyone!

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I love MXs too
MX's are the best! I really like ME Supers for use with M42 lenses, more so than the MX's. My second ME Super is starting to have some issues, so I'll be hunting for a second MX soon. Preferrably one in black.

I always thought that for serious 35mm, I would end up with a rangefinder of sorts. I only really use 35mm when I'm trying to be discrete or pack light. An MX and my Super Takumar 35mm, SMC 50mm, and Super Takumar 135mm are all tiny, light and discrete! Plus the sharpness is great, and the colors are fantastic. Red's just pop right out, which is a good thing here, around the red sandstone!

Can't complain about my MF rig either, as it's still about as compact as a 'pro' DSLR.