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I am very happy with the Pentax Spotmeter V, and since you have one, you have a benchmark to compare other meters with. I have been having a great time with the Weston Master (original and II) that I own but the dial isn't ASA so you DO have to know the conversion for your specific meter (there are variations between US and UK models)...

But the price of the Sekonic 208 is low enough that it should not give you serious pause... It weighs so little that you can always justify carrying it... And it's new and will come to you guaranteed. I find it to be durable. At one point, either a minor defect or more likely after a knock, I found the the needle grazed the pointer and tended to get stuck but it was a simple repair just to push the needle back down. Obviously I've invalidated the warranty since then, but this is such a simply constructed meter that there is little that can go wrong with it.

The ASA dial tends to move when carried carelessly, so always double-check the setting - or learn to judge light so that you can sense when it's set wrong.
With the Weston 111 the dial is calibrated into ASA/ISO and from the 1V onwards the film speed is locked at what you set it to