How about a get-together this Saturday, or Sunday for that matter? If that's too quick, the last weekend in July works for me. Since we have people from Springfield, the far western burbs of Boston, the north shore, RI and Maine who have shown some interest in this, why don't we get together at the gallery itself? At least this would give folks a better idea of the space. What I have in mind is casual, seriously casual, with attendance having nothing at all to do with whether you show your work or not.

The school is a beautiful place, parking and meeting spaces are easy, we can get plenty of food and coffee for a morning meeting. We'll just leave the agenda wide open. You can bring gear or leave it home. If people want to shoot later in the day, I can suggest a couple of great spots near by, but I agree with Ed that we shouldn't overload the day with a get together and an organized shoot (besides, I'm not all that organized!)

Saturday at 10? PM me if interested and give me a valid email. I'll put an E-group together to get the ball rolling. If you have a better time, send that along too. I would love to see a regional thing get going here and I'm happy to put the physical resources of the school to use in promoting it.
This link will get you the directions to the school.

OK... so here we go