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Awaiting the arrival of a Pentax 67. I already have the 90mm 2.8 lens and I found a non metering prism in a local store for nice price.. can't wait to try it.

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It's a camera that grows on you! Excellent optics, little quirky, but those 6x7 negatives are to die for. I like my Hasselblad's and Rollei's, but if I were to keep one or the other it would be the Pentax. I would miss the interchangeable backs of the Hasselblad, but I have an extra Pentax 67 body for different film. Bodies are dirt cheap and not much more than a 'Blad A12 back anyway. The only reason I'd choose the Hasselblad over the Pentax would be if I were still shooting weddings and thank God I'm done with that. JohnW