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Before our move to Chicago we left 5-6 4X5 enlargers and gear for curb pickup, check your local craigslist and you will find many many of those just aching not to get dumped in the recycling....
I've been kicking around getting into 4x5 and after 6 months of checking the local craigslist have never once seen an enlarger there. We live in the absolute sticks I swear. The closest I've seen enlargers advertised is a 4 hour drive each way and most of the ones for 4x5 or larger they want anywhere from $500-2000 for. Several of the Beseler 23C II's for reasonable prices at any given time which isn't much help, but that's a long way to drive to find out somethings it's junk.

Is it possible to scan a 4x5 contact print and enlarge to have commercially printed? Or would the quality be questionable?