I have use Yankee tanks since 1973 works great.
I only know one thing some does not like is do not turn them over, and lid can come off. Ther are easy to load and use. I do put a rubber band on the tank so lid does not come off.
Getting a 4x5 enlarger is more luck I found one on craigslist free to pick up. I also gave my old away 15 years think I would never be in the film again. I will say on never come faster that may or may not.

Good luck and happy new year

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I picked up my Beseler 45MXT from the Salvation Army for $30.00. Came with negative carriers, 50mm lens, and a paper safe. It needs a good cleaning, but other than that is was a steal. Deals are to be had if you keep your eyes open..

For 4x5 developing I use the Yankee tank. Most people seem to hate them but mine works great for me. Maybe I am doing it wrong enough to be right....