this could be probably a question 10 years ago, so: sorry, i am a newbie.

following situation: i work analog (120/6x6) send my films to a lab, which does development and chemical printing. The results are good.
AFter that i digitalize them with flatbed scanner in 300 dpi for internetpresentation.There is no need for additional color - correction.

Now i could sell my first prit for a magzine (jipey), but have the problem, that they graphic-people want A3 (30 cm x 40cm) format.
My lab is only able to print in 30x40 (i think it is a frontier-machine), so my prints are 30x30.

What to do in such situation? Just scan the prints in 600 dpi? Feels somehow like interpolation?
Or do i get good results with this methode? Is there another elegant way (except the expensive highendscan)

Am i doing it "the right way"? Digitalize labprints with flatbed?

Thank you for the answers

Best regards,