I have 3 cameras i would like to find sources for replacement bellows. Voigtlander Perkeo I, a Kodak Bantam and a Brownie Hawkeye No.2 folder. I'm kinda hoping there is a source that has bellows already made for purchase but if there is none i'll have to go the route of making my own. I have read on the different methods to "patch" the bellows, which i have tried on the Brownie folder without satisfactory success. It seems when patching, another spot reappears. I want these cameras to look good as well as be functional. The Voigtlander and the Bantam are in mint condition, except for the bellows. I watch the prices that some of the cameras are worth and i want them to retain the value they have. The Brownie is not worth a whole lot to begin with, I picked it up for less than $1 USD, so i was willing to experiment with it.

Does anyone know where i can find the bellows for these gems?