hello everyone,
has anyone ever submitted pictures for exposure and not money? well i just did-to mt rainier nat'l park. they were of some slides i had taken there not too long ago, i hope they like them. i saw a lady with a mf camera over by christine falls on the way home-not sure what type it was,maybe a mamiya or a hassey,not sure as i said. its funny how much attention a 4x5 gets amongst other photographers and i felt myself smile and tell them that i had just gotten it and was taking up here to test it out. i was told about how they had a....i believe a .....linhoff and they no longer had it and that they still wish they did. anyway,as i was saying...i just sent some slides to one of the rangers up there to glance over and maybe they'll use them-was told most of the pictures they have are old and are looking for new ones, so i guess i am in luck...don't know. the fact that i shoot mostly 4x5 now might put them off , i am not sure. does anyone have any past experinces in this area, would be glad to hear them and what you did to get your foot in the proverbial door. anyway,gotta go it is after midnight here,look forward to hearing from someone!! later!