I checked that, at least on the bottom. Pulled the bottom plate off and it looked OK, but I gave it a little lube anyway. Took the film advance lever off and gave a drop of oil down the shaft. Still the same. The return lever seems to hang a little going back to its rest position and needs a little shove, and there's a squeek coming from the advance lever shaft area when I cock the shutter, so it looks like the top will have to come off. The camera took a header at some point in its life and the prism has a good size dent in the front corner, but everything looks OK. No prism issues when I look in the viewfinder and the meter needle is even lively when I put in a battery, although that circular part its supposed to line up with (I think) doesn't want to come off the bottom of the viewfinder. Shutter speeds are on the money until 1/250, which is where they start to get one stop slow. Drat.