i have recently got one too, Rapid M with 90mm and am so amazed by it. i am professional photographer and m shooting MF and LF last 27 years, but because i was born and lived 30 years in Europe i never "meet" Koni-Omegas or Graflex until i moved to Canada. i was amazed how well that camera s made, tight and strong, but simple and easy to maintain and adjust. on top of that optical performance is fantastic. also this is by far faster MF that i ever used. commands are well placed its intuitive and real fun to use. i still dont understand why is it so unpopular? i got mine in really good condition for 70$ in a same place that was selling Yashika for 450$!?
i have Hasselblad with several lenses that am using as my "small" camera and initially I got this KO as a present for my father in law but for sure am planing to get another one and keep it as duty RF
just my 2c