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In 35mm: My current colour consumption (125 - 175 rolls/year is my "guesstimate") is slightly skewed because I am in the midst of a project documenting life on Vancouver Island, a labour that will likely take another 1 -1 1/2 years to complete. Once the Ektachrome is done, I expect to be switching to Provia/Velvia, shooting, I would guess, something in the neighbourhood of 75 - 100 rolls /year. In terms of black and white, I typically shoot around of 100 -125 rolls/year of Tri-X/HP5 Plus (I use them interchangeably) along with a brick or so a year of Delta 3200.

In 2 1/4: Colour work - 50 rolls/year? - is done on Velvia 50; black and white (the majority of my medium format work) is either PanF Plus or FP4 Plus, depending upon the season. Typically, I order in 100 roll (60/40 - PanF Plus - FP4 Plus) lots from B&H or Adorama at least once every 8 months or so.

A lot of film for someone who no longer shoots professionally? Perhaps. But, a) I live on the Left Coast ( read: spectacular scenery, in the city and surrounding areas); b) I love to travel; c) I love to shoot photographs; and d) I do not, nor have I ever, owned a television set (read: I do not live a sedentary lifestyle).
That's pretty awesome

I suggest you stock up now on Fuji chromes, they are about to have a price hike

Then again you don't really seem to be worried about money much...

I certainly would shoot a heck of a lot more chromes if I could afford to...