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If having reliable equipment is important, you pay for it. And one cannot be serious without reliable gear, whatever it is. When one looks at the cost of say a Nikon F on the used market plus the cost of a CLA by a competent tech, and compares it to the cost of an F when it was new (roughly 1/4 the cost of a small car) - it looks like a steal.
The alternative is an endless series of dysfunctional cameras.
If you want unreliable crap, spend your money at lomography.
Emil I own dozens of cameras some needed a CLA and some haven't had a CLA since the time they were bought 40 to a 100 years ago amongst them a Nikon F. Yes I will do a CLA if necessary but I also believe that a lot of people that buy bargains expect or hope that their cameras will work without expensive CLA. Dismissing anybody that can't afford a CLA but still wants to take photograph as someone who want subpar quality is a bit much imo.