Hi PE,

Sorry, yes it is glacial Acetic Acid. What does denaturing the gelatin mean?

Pre-subbed is definitely the way to go. The wet-media Grafix PET is great stuff, no frilling and no stripping but a bit on the pricey side.

Not too long ago I obtained a 400 foot roll of clear 35mm triacetate film leader. It was manufactured by Kodak and is also pre-subbed. I suppose it is really just uncoated film base. Maybe it didn't meet their quality specs for use in a coated product so they sold it as leader.

I will still probably get some pure Acetone. I do wonder about the denaturant in the acetone I have, though.

Glafkides gives a simpler formula on page 467 for nitrate subbing consisting of:

Gelatin 1.2g
Acetic Acid (glacial) 2g
Water 5ml
Methanol 92ml

Glafkides doesn't give a specific formula for subbing triacetate.

Anyway, thanks and Happy New Year!

-- Jason