Hi, being of Scottish, Irish, and English descent, the first being my maternal grandfather, the second being both grandmothers, and the third being my paternal grandfather. Hence the name Jackson. This will be my first trip to London and the UK. In London I want to visit the British Museum and outside of the city make a visit to Stonehenge. The other places I'll have to look up again but my wife will drag me around to places she thinks I should see.

I'm looking for suggestions in a general way about areas to stay and types of accommodations while there. We'll be staying a short time in Iceland on the way over too. It's all my wife's fault, she wants to go... Where she goes, I go!

Oh, oh, can I take 16x20 inch film and camera through the X-ray machine and what camera bag is best? Will it be ok in the overhead bin? I'm just kidding of course, that stuff has been beaten to death!