I received my PM. Now off to thinking about what I am gonna shoot and print.
And what camera too use ... I can rule out the Nikon D200 - that's the easy part ...
Maybe the new old Mamiya 645 PRO that was given to me recently (haven't used it yet)
or take my old Leica III with uncoated 50 mm Summicron out again? I got myself some Fomapan film
to try out. I also got me Fomapan sheet film 18x24 cm for my old Russian FKD plate film camera but
I need to test for light leaks or internal reflections first. I had some weird patterns in my image last
time, that looks like the grit on the dark slide (very strange). Or load my Pentax 67 with 135 film for some
nice panorama shots (I've got a special insert for that). Or pinhole again, or ....

In short: This BPX19 assignment is a good reason to go out shooting again and use some nice tools.
And for me, thinking about what and how to shoot is also fun to do.