Today while out shooting with my new Fujifilm GF670W, I noticed that there may be an alignment issue with my rangefinder. First off, I have shot 5 rolls of film through it so far and no frames have been out of focus.

Today, I was standing at a street corner, wanting to shoot the traffic that was driving by. I pointed my camera down at the street, focusing on a part of the road that was some contrast to it. I found that I could focus both images in a left/right manner, but when they were lined up, one image was slightly higher than the other. In other words, the images were lined up in one direction only. In the up/down direction, they were not lined up. I have never noticed this before. It seems more prevalent in closer focusing. Since I am getting accurate focus, I'm not sure what this means.

Has anyone had an issue like this before? Should it be corrected?

Finally, does anyone know if I can adjust the rangefinder on a GF670W by myself?