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Good point, Ian!
It happens to me that I have with me one of my square cameras and looking at the groundglass/screen I thik "Now that would look so good in panoramic format." So I try printing it thus in the darkroom and continue wishing I had an xpan or a 6x14camera (this aspect ratio somehow suits me best - for me is a sweet spot between 6x12 and 6x17..

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You highlight something else worth mentioning.

I work predominantly with large format (since 1986) and used to carry a Leica as well but found I wasn't using any of the images/negatives. Now I carry a TLR instead and found I love the square format, and also have a 6x17 camera. At times I carry all three when I think I may want to shoot Panoramic images.

Here's examples where formats are important, all shot at Aphrodisias in the Stadium.

All full frame.