So that was certainly a disaster, two rolls completely blank. But more than that, I don't actually know what went wrong.

- I mixed up some Xtol no earlier than March (I know this because it was in a goonie-bag that had water in it I bought when travelling in feb-march). I've done quite a few rolls with it with no problems, the last maybe a month or two ago.
- I had three rolls of film to do tonight, all tri-x pan from the same bulk-roll. First one I pushed to 800 in Microphen and it worked perfectly.
- The next two I'd shot at ei400 so I thought I'd use up the last of my xtol.
- only 450ml left, so I added water to 900ml at 1+1, for 7:15 at 24C (it was hot today).
- I definitely did not accidentally fix first. Fixer was in the accordion bottle while dev and stop were in jugs to begin with. (I may have somehow done stop-dev-fix but that wouldn't have done anything too bad. Or even dev-fix-stop but again, that wouldn't have done anything bad).
- Anyway, I got nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even the print down the edges. Just two completely blank rolls.
- The film is good (enough) because I already did one roll, and it can't be a faulty camera shutter because there's not even text down the sides. Not even grabbing an unshot roll out of the fridge by mistake could have happened.

So all that I can think of is that the Xtol itself was bad. It's been sitting in an air-tight gooniebag since I mixed it in march or april or later. It worked perfectly last time I used it (the last I can find I scanned Oct 20th). It's been sitting in room temp (admittedly, that can be up to 28C sometimes, the aircon doesn't reach into my study). But there's a huge difference between foggy, thin, whatever, and complete nothingness.

Can Xtol go off this badly? Any ideas? Am I completely losing my sanity?