I spent one year (in my spare time) photographing fields of flowers grown for seeds along the California Coast. I used normal, wide angle and telephoto lenses. I even bought a cast iron-bodied camera that shot 90-degree wide angle photos without distortion on 120 film, seven inches wide. Some flower fields had gaps in the rows but a telephoto lens would squish the flower rows together so you could not notice the gaps. Other fields begged for a very wide angle lens. I had a Praktisix 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 SLR with an 80mm lens, a 180 Sonnar Olympic lens and a Killfit 400mm lens.
I shot through some tree branches to frame the flower fields for a photo using the 400mm lens and it was used on the cover of a magazine. The same magazine used one of my 2 1/4 by 7 inch photos uncropped spread over two pages (a "double truck").
Since the coastal area was rainy and overcast a lot, I had to keep visiting various locations until the weather was right and the field was "ripe." A lot of work, but worth it.