Shooting film at a wedding is definitely a little bit hair-rising and I do bring a digital as a backup in case. I've done it quite few times as a second and quite a few times as the primary. Strangely enough, while I could lose a few images on a roll of film (I shoot with 2-3 cameras at a time), I could lose an entire ceremony if my SD card goes bad. And yes, I've had an SD card or two go bad and it scares the crap out of me. Film does too... just in a different way

I've seen a lot of wedding photographers work and it's starting to really look all the same.
I'm hoping to somehow diversify from the pack and the look I get from pushed film is great. Mind you, I won't use it ALL the time (I do have a medium format with low ISO film for those that need the clean look). Whether the market is willing to pay for this look and approach is something I know will be a struggle but I'm hoping that it's something I can try to run with because it really is my passion... even when it's grainy, there's something beautiful about film grain.

Diffused, big-ass flashes are your friends
I may do this next time if it gets really dark. I usually try bounce flash but when the ceiling is a gymnasium... well, that makes things a bit rough. Also, unless they've turned off ALL the lights, I'm going for "natural light" if I can.