Twenty years ago a Horseman 45FA was fitted with a 180mm lens of some description that I cannot recall now. It was very rudimentary but did the job over 6 years of ownership with weddings and commercial shoots before leaving the partnership and moving down in format. Later, the 24mm in 35mm format was an instant 'go-to' optic and remains so. I have probably 'converted' several hundred people to the 24mm genre through my teaching (through Canon) of planar/close-focus manipulation with Canon's TS-E three PC optics. Following from 24mm I purchased a 20mm, yet this gets nowhere near the use that 24mm does. In retrospect, all the choices I made first off were the correct ones which suited my work then, as they do now, while later choices could be said to have 'missed the mark', just not in favour. With MF, the 45mm 'standard' lens again points to my roots with ultra-wide angles. If I moved up to LF, a 65mm would be considered my standard working lens, and probably just one of two that would be employed in the landscape context.