Gitzo G1320 tripod legs. These are incredibly strong. Get it on the cheap since I just want it out of here. It is in great shape with a few scrapes and some paint on one leg is worn (seen in the first picture) since I cleaned off the sticky stuff left behind by some foam leg covers that were on it for years. There is a zip tie holding the piece that stabilizes the center column from twisting. The rep from Gitzo suggested it himself after I lost the piece. No kidding. Comes with the Gitzo wrench and the doohickey that goes on the end of the column to put your head on upside down. Also has a loop to hang weights on the center column. Everything works smoothly and the air cushioning is still perfect so if you forget to lock a leg the tripod won't come crashing down. One segment of one leg has a minor catch when it is about 2" extended. I never noticed it until I took a close look today but mention it even though it is minor for full disclosure. I cleaned all of the leg locks about a year or so ago so they all are really smooth. This tripod will easily carry anything you can throw at it. I bought it new back when I needed something to hold an 8x10. Check out the picks and let me know if you have any questions. Paypal of course. $160 plus $25-30 shipping in the US

Maximum Height 75.2" (191.0 cm)
Maximum Height w/o Column Extended 62.2" (158.0 cm)
Minimum Height 19.3" (49.0 cm)
Folded Length 29.9" (75.9 cm)
Load Capacity 22.00 lb (9.98 kg)
Leg Sections 3
Leg Lock Type Twist
Independent Leg Spread Yes
Center Column Type Rapid
Center Brace No
Spiked Feet No (optional)