Hi all,

I am extremely new to pinhole photography, and wanted to speak to people with more experience about a project I am working on.

The basic idea is to take a long exposure pinhole photo (up to 25 mins) onto a colour negative. The images will include around 80+ coloured 40 watt incandescent lights, in a darkened room (of about 12 metres x 6 metres). Each light will flash intermittently, some more than others.

I'm wondering on what might be a good camera/film to use for this project, and also if any of you think it could be possible. Will I need to use a very slow-speed film? are there specific types of lenses that might work best for the project. Can you change aperture in a pinhole?

I'd be super appreciative of any advice anyone could pass on. I'm really excited about learning a bit more about primitive forms of photography.

Hope to hear from someone!

Thanks so much and Happy New Year.