Up for sale is my Epson 4490 flatbed scanner. Works great in all ways -- just upgraded to the V700 to do sheet film, and I don't need this scanner anymore.

Included are the original film holders, plus the betterscanning Medium format holder with the anti-Newton ring glass. Also, I have the 35mm sized ANR glass from betterscanning that I use with the OEM holders. Note that in order to do that I had to pop off a couple of the tabs on the original 35mm strip holders to get the glass to fit right. Trust me, you will want to use the glass instead of the flimsy clamps on the OEM holders, especially if you have a curly strip of Tri-X.

How 'bout $180 paypalled and shipped to CONUS.

More info on the scanner: http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/j...sku=B11B176011

PM with questions. Thanks!